Where can I find a replacement choke valve?



I have 1974 Ford F100 that has recently been diagnosed with a broken carburetor choke valve. It asked about ordering the part at my local auto parts store, but was told the part is not sold separately. I was wondering if anyone could give me information about possibly ordering it online. I don’t need a whole new carburetor, but would love my truck to run like it should! Thank you!


This is one of many carburetor parts sites on the internet. I have used them in the past and they have been around for over 60 years: http://www.carburetorfactory.com/

Good luck. Make sure you have all your info on your carb before searching.


The choke butterfly (valve) never breaks. What breaks is the choke spring, (thermostat) heater (stove) and pull-off. These are 3 separate parts that operate the choke. First, you must determine which parts you need…


What part of the choke is broken? There’s the choke plate, shaft, linkage, thermal pull-off, and vacuum pull-off(s).



I’m new to this whole “fixer-upper” thing, so bear with me! My truck was running super rough; very loud when running and idling, engine would “rev up” when in park, shake after turning off, hard to move into gear, would drop and make a loud bang when moving from park to reverse. I had someone look at it and he tweaked the choke and instantly all the problems were gone. It ran great, was quiet when idling and driving, was easy to put into gear (it is an automatic), etc. However, over the last week, it has slowly been reverting back to the old way of running. Told the guy, and he said the part is broken and would look into ordering a new one, and then found that the piece was not sold by itself. I’m assuming this might be the spring? The butterfly valve itself looks fine, but then again it is 36 years old…


Most of these old trucks, by now, have had a manual choke installed. A simple pull-push cable with a dashboard control knob. They make conversion kits…

“automatic chokes” have been problematic ever since they were invented. When they get to be 36 years old, they are hopeless…


How cold will your weather be this winter? You can wire the choke open and eliminate your problems if you can get the engine to start when cold. If morning temperature is above 40* pumping the pedal several times before cranking the engine and then revving it for a minute or so after it starts will get you going. But your mechanic can install an electric choke that will be fairly reliable.