Idiot light and bad water pump



Recently my Low coolant light came on. There was plenty of fluid in the resevoir. Then the car started squeling-the noise tide to the speed of the engine, not the speed of the car.

I started suspecting that the water pump after remembering the low coolant ligh.

Is this possible. will a bad water pump cause the low coolant light come on even if the car has plenty of coolant?


Make, model, year, miles, etc would help.

On my 93 Caprice I believe the low fluid level sensor is attached to the coolant overflow tank. Other vehicles I can’t speak for. Besides the overflow tank has the raditor fluid level been checked?

Ed B.


Yes, I opened the radiator cap and confirmed that I had plenty of fluid in the radiator itself.


Miles are over 250,000 The Make is 97 chevy Lumina. It is a retired police car.


It is almost certain that the low coolant signal is not indicating a failing water pump. If the pump causes overheating and subsequently the loss of coolant then there will be a relationship.