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Low coolant light always on

I have a 1997 grand am se the 2.4L. Earlier today I noticed my low coolant had came on. I’ve put coolant in. The light is still on. It also seems as if I lost some power. There’s no jerking or rough idle.

Just getting opinions of what to look at before I send it to a shop. Any suggestions? Thank you…

If this is one of those GM cars with no radiator cap, but a threaded can on the remote reservoir, unbolt the reservoir and hold it up high and let the coolant flow into the radiator and keep filling until the coolant reaches the right level in the tank.

The coolant level sensor in the reservoir is probably bad.



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Can you test the sensor?

Probably a dumb idea but if the coolant is at/above the correct level and the light is still on doesn’t that comprise a test in itself?

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