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Coolant light

After car has been runing for a few minutes, Low Coolant light starts to flash on and off. Sometime it will go out for a few minutes and then starts to flash again. Coolant level and engin temp is ok. What do you think its causing warning light flash?

I believe these cars had some issues with the coolant level sensor, located in the reservoir perhaps?

I’m not sure on the procedure for testing them but I also believe they’re relatively inexpensive at your local parts store.

The same thing happened to me. The light would intermittenly flash off and on. It turns out that my water pump was in the process of going out. They don’t always quit working all of the sudden.

That’s not good news. I was hoping to hear that it might just be a loose wire or lamp. Does anybody out there have any better new? PLEASE!

Check the sensor. It may be faulty.

I would think that a failing water pump would trigger a temperature light, not a low coolant level light. HeartMyJeep, are you sure this wasn’t a temperature light? Are you talking about a similar GM car, or something else?

Please excuse the question, Where might I fine this sensor?

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Off I go to the parts store to check on Coolant sensor location and price. Water Pump…keep on pumping

Have you checked the radiator, not just the overflow tank? If not, check it with a cold engine, of course.

Most cars have them as a float sensor in the coolant overflow. But, I have seen a few with coolant sensors in the radiator, up high near the upper radiator hose connection.

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