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Low Coolant light stays on

I have a low coolant light that stays on now that I had to change a Top Radatior hose. I have replaces all coolant and the radatior and resivor are topped off but that light will not go out now, did the sensor somehow get damaged? the hose is on the other side of the raditor as tot he low cooland sensor??? Help! :o) 1995 Chevy Lumina 3.1L

I don’t know how the coolant level sensor operates on this car, but some of them are literally just a couple of electrodes that sit down in the coolant somewhere. When immersed the coolant completes a circuit that keeps the light off. If the electrodes go dry the light turns on.

I had an issue once where the electrodes had just gotten gummed up over time & the current wouldn’t pass. I cleaned it once & that worked for a while. Then I just unplugged it and checked the coolant reservoir everytime I checked the oil (i.e. quite regularly).

I hear you and think I am headed that way I will do that today check the leads and see if they are gummed up if not I will most likely just uplug it and check the coolant from time to time thanks…

Replacing the sensor should be cheap and easy. If you are going to take it out to look at it, why not just buy one and replace it. No more work and you will save the bother of checking it or not noticing it if it goes out when you are driving.

My son has the same problem on his 1995 Ford Mustang which occured after the radiator was replaced. He just ignores the low coolant light and keeps his eye on the temperature gauge and checks the coolant on a weekly basis. We had cars for years that didn’t have a “low coolant light” and we got along just fine.

yes the coolant sensor is only about 35 bucks and I am leaning that way and it that does not solve my problem then out some the plug and the heck with it just keep eye on the Temp gage and check it weekly Thanks for the advice and suggestions…

I actually would have replaced mine as well - but it was a “dealer only” item. I can’t remember the price but it was insane measured next to knowing full well that I can check my own darn coolant.

For $35, I’d toss a new one on too.