1999 Ford Escort "Sway Bar"?



I just got back from getting an oil change today and my mechanic told me I need a new “sway bar” for the front of my car. He told me the part is going to be very expensive.

I was wondering if there was any way to get an estimate of how much the part might be?

I had to run back to work, so I didn’t have time to stay and wait for him to look up the price.

Thanks for any help!!


Whoa!! slow down. What is supposed to be wrong with it?


He told me it was broken and it looks like it has been broken for a little while. If I don’t get it fixed, it won’t pass NY state inspection. These guys have never steered me wrong, so I trust their assessment is accurate.


Yeah, if your sway bar needs to be replaced you must have damaged your suspension pretty bad, and that would probably affect your ride to the point that you would have taken it to a mechanic for those reasons rather than an oil change, so it would be interesting to hear what the problem with it was.

Dont know the prices of a sway bar though, I never had to replace one on any vehicle before…


Is the sway bar itself broken or just the sway bar links?
I have never seen a broken sway bar but I have seen lots of broken links.
I would recommend that if the sway bar is broken to aquire a used one from a salvage yard and install with new links and bushings.


Thanks for the advice! I’m going to bring my car in tomorrow morning to my mechanic to get more specific details and I’ll post back. :slight_smile: