Identify This Hulk

Howdy gang,

I inherited these hulks from my father. I know absolutely nothing about them. I’m looking to sell them, but I don’t know how to list them, where to list them, what make or model they might be… I’m completely in the dark here. If anyone has a word of wisdom (or two… I’d take two for sure), I’d appreciate the guidance and information.

Thanks all.

Because I can only upload one image at a time… here’s a series of other photos that I hope will help.

The first photo shows a chrome “badge” on the trunk lid.
Surely that badge should include the make of the car.

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Solid lead. I’m about 500 miles away from the cars, but I will see if I can get a close up photo taken of the lid badge.

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Also, if they still have their dashboard instruments, sometimes those gauges will include the name of the make.


Steering wheel horn button often has car brand on it.


Hudson Terraplane 1936 to 38 maybe.

The rear badge…

The entire car…

Best to find a Hudson car club or online forum to determine the market for these bodies.


Sure as heck seems that way from the badge… wow… heck of an eye. Thanks for this!

Those are in REALLY rough shape. You might have to pay to get them hauled off. But try to sell them, sure.

I copied the photo and blew it up. The best I could make out was a “T” and then writing below. Clearly 1930’s styling, likely American (so no Talbot). The reverse opening doors and the shape of the badge clinched it.

I figure I’ll offer them up for someone who loves restoring and wants them. Otherwise they’re going away by the most inexpensive way possible.

Nice hot rod project.

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