Identifing Hubcaps

Thank you! I will pull it out of garage and get a better snap! Appreciate the recommendation!

That looks like the center cap on an aftermarket wheel, so the logo is of the wheel maker, who I don’t know.

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If you flip the picture, it looks like there is a “V” on top of the crest. I suspect that the right side of the V is mostly missing. Do all four hubcaps have the reverse check mark on the crest?

If those aftermarket wheels are as old as the car it may be impossible to find replacement center caps or wheels.

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I rotated and enlarged the image and it’s clearly a “V” with a leg missing. And it doesn’t indicate how many cylinders the “V” has. I’ve been unable to identify it.
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There’s a version of the Cadillac crest that looks something like that.

So, Cadillac wants you to know their cars are “just ducky”?


It actually bears more resemblance to a Packard crest than it does to a Cadillac crest, IMHO.

I searched the internet, googling “automotive logos”, and found dozens that were similar from a quick glance but none that were close enough to call a match.

Given that this is an aftermarket wheel, I doubt it’s an automotive logo.