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Classic Car Archive

I am a student working towards a Masters in Archival and Racords Management. Yes, I will be poor but I’ll know how to search for information. A have come across old photographs of cars and wish to be able to identify them. Help! Does anyone know of an archive or way in which one can search and compare images of cars?

Hemmings Motor News? Can you post them here? The members of this board can probably identify any car ever made.

Depending what information you can find on each picture, ie model or make, you can always try wikipedia. Wikipedia does a pretty decent job of including lots of pictures.

If these are pre-WW2 cars you might check the AACA web site. But be forewarned - cars older than 1930 can be very tough to ID. What ages are the cars?

@mleich that sounds like a fun challenge! Think I’ll go make a new post :wink:

Sounds like the OP is asking how to do the research, not for answers. Admirable!

Do a web search for “classic car auctions” and start clicking. Many of these sites will have pictures of the cars for sale.

This site might be of some help.

I am guessing this photograph was taken in the early to mid seventies.

Sounds right. That big car half obscured by right front fender of the car from which the photo was taken is a mid-70s Caddy Eldorado. I have a friend with two '76 Eldos.

@Jbell101 - oh, you’re talking MODERN cars! At least for many of the folks here. For post 1950 cars I’d find a local car enthusiast, maybe a car club, and see if someone would be willing to sit down with you and go through the photos. I bet a number of retired car nuts would jump at the chance!

LOL; to me, anything older than '39 is antique, anything '40 to 70 is old, anything '70 to '90 has no category, and anything beyond '90 is modern.

They’d have a ball. I know I would.

there were no cars made between 73 and 95, TSM :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting point.