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The replacement for the Humvee

looks awesome!

I agree. It looks like the Hummer’s bad azz big brother.

I like it. This will save American lives. It’s great to see that the military has placed troop protection high on the list of criteria for the new military vehicle. It’s fantastic to know that should my son have to be deployed to the middle east again he’ll be as well protected as possible. God bless our troops and keep them safe.

“Jilt-vee.” “Jilter.”

… They might need to come up with a new designation for this thing. :wink:

Not to worry. GIs will attach whatever name works for whatever the military acronym becomes.

If only we could have listened in on the design committee as they decided how AWESOME it should look and whose districts would benefit from its production.

I couldn’t care less. All I care about is that our troops, including my son and his buddies on his next deployment, will be better protected.

It probably won’t fit in Arnold Schwartzenegger’s garage.

If only we could believe that those on the committees who design and approve such equipment shared our concern for those who use it @tsm. Driving a deuce & a half with my feet resting on sand bags put a bad taste in my mouth 50 years ago.

And I sincerely hope that your son and all his friends return home soon to enjoy all that they deserve.

“It probably won’t fit in Arnold Schwartzenegger’s garage.”

Now that he has to pay for his vehicles himself, rather than having the State of California foot the bill for a fleet of military vehicles for his personal use, he just might not be interested in spending the money. After all, he does have to make child support payments for multiple children from multiple women…

Designed by committee? Maybe they should call it the platypus…

This does not look like a product of design by committee. Perhaps the specs were derived that way but the design looks like pure engineering to me…

I agree…safety is the most important. Why that wasn’t considered when we sent our troops to Iraq is beyond me. Troops were making their own modifications to protect themselves from road-side bombs.

I don’t think we had any experience with desert warfare fought heavily with roadside bombs and IEDs. We hadn’t really been in Afghanistan long enough at the time to learn enough. The last war we fought before 9/11 was Vietnam, and that was an entirely different kind of war.

It bothers me greatly that the military didn’t “ramp up” and provide armament once they realized that we were ill-prepared, it bothers me greatly that the troops had to make up their own armament in the field, but at least this new vehicle looks prepared. To me it looks designed for the type of warfare we can expect in the middle east.

I agree with @“the same mountainbike”. The HUMMER wasn’t designed with IUDs in mind. The other military transports had to be retrofitted to protect the soldiers from IUDs and the shrapnel they create, too.

How long until I can buy one?

Pretty impressive. Even capable of providing electrical power in the field. Trust me, Oshkosh is probably already getting calls from deep pocketed individuals asking “How can I get me one of these???”

At $400,000 each the pockets to buy one would be quite deep.

$400,000? No problem! I can buy anything before I wake up…

Despite Schwarzenegger’s extra family expenses, I’m sure he can afford it just from the royalties on his movies alone.

He could afford to buy one of these easier than I could afford to buy a new Toyota.

And I’m sure he could afford to get one retrofitted to be made road legal, even though the parts to do so would probably have to be custom designed and made. His estimated net worth is $300 million.

The lifers used to say that we always equip the military to fight the LAST war. What’s the new one? Small bands of terrorists sent around the world?

I still look back at that amazing Jeep as being such a perfect vehicle. Could be configured for many different uses. Go anywhere or could even be picked up and moved by a few strong guys. Inter-changeable parts and easy to repair. I remember in a parade, a crew of about 4 guys stopped and fully disassembled the Jeep, engine and all, and then put it all back together again in about 5 minutes. Hard to beat but still didn’t offer a lot of protection.

It was a fantastic vehicle for WWI and WWII, and the original design is still a great transportation vehicle should be ever again be in a war with “front lines” and “behind the lines” territory. But war has changed. And new wars will be different than the past wars. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to anticipate what future wars will be like. Drones have also dramatically changed warfare. In Vietnam it took us 15 to 16 “sorties” and a whole lot of collateral damage to take out a key target. Today we can do it remotely in one shot with almost no collateral damage with a drone carrying a smart weapon. Unfortunately, drones, gunships, and smart weapons aren’t much good against IEDs, roadside bombs, and terrorists. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I truly believe that the only way to fight these middle east demons is to hunt them down, root them out, and destroy them. Contrast Bush’s response to 9/11 with Obama’s response to Benghazi and I’ll take Bush’s response any day. For hunting them down and rooting them out, these new vehicles should make a real difference. Now we only need a leader with the will to do so.