I30 Brake and Battery Warning lights

2000 I30 approximately 62,000 miles.

My dash battery and brake lights come on together while driving. After a while, they both go off together. This has happened twice in the past week.

The battery is less than 2 years old. I checked the brake fluid level. Its good.

Any thoughts on why this is happening would be much appreciated.


This combination of warning lights is a sure indication that your alternator is in the last throes of death. Unless you replace the alternator right away, you will also have to replace the battery, since it is not being adequately charged. Have this repair done now, before you are stranded in an inconvenient place, with an inoperable car.

I agree with VDCdriver. The warning lights are in the alternator lamp circuit. This is a common indication that the alternator is starting to have a problem.

Thank you VDCdriver & Cougar. I will get it replaced ASAP.

You are welcome for the help.

If you take the car to a shop for this repair I recommend you tell them you ‘suspect’ something is wrong with the alternator due to the warnings lights coming on but let them make the real diagnosis. Give them all the clues you can so they have all the facts to go by. Have them go over the connections to the alternator and make sure they are ok along with doing a load test on the charging system. Since the battery is fairly new it is most likely ok. The problem with the alternator may just be due to worn brushes inside it and you can get a remanufactured unit with a lifetime warranty. It would be a lot less money than a brand new one.