braKe and battery lights


this has happened to me several times when I start my car. After i start my car, both the brake and battery lights stay on. After I drive the car for about 10 seconds the lights go off. This does not happen all the time–it is only happened twice in the last two weeks. Can anyone give me a diagnosis, and tell me how worried I should be?


You should be worried that one morning your car won’t start – right when you need it the most. Not a biggie really, but then you will need a tow to the shop.

Likely this is a simple problem with the charging system. You may need a new alternator or battery, or both. Any shop can check them out (a few parts stores will do it for free) and you can replace what’s needed.


This combination of warning lights is usually an indication of a failing alternator. Have it checked a.s.a.p. before you get stranded.


Agree, the reason its intermittent right now is that the brush is just about gone, it makes sometimes and sometimes doesn’t. If your handy, the brush is pretty easy to change and reasonably priced where a new or reman alternator can run several hundred $$.


Add one thing, if you get a squealing when you have the lights, it could be a very loose alternator belt, check that first.