I wonder if Bank of America is taking applications for the Darwin Awards?

Yeah I’ve thought about those discounts from time to time but you either need an id or a dd214. Thing is after six years none of us ever got a 214. In fact they made us turn everything in except our boots and underwear. We could keep the clothes we had on. The only 214 I have is from signal school . Who knows, Maybe I’ve been awol for 50 years.

You should get that DD Form 214, it has your entire military history, awards, etc… You should contact the Veterans Administration. Mine was issued to me at the time I retired, my ID Card is a DD Form 2 (Retired) and most places take that, like Lowes. Home Depot is different, I had to register on line, and they subscribe to a service that verifies your military service, Name, Branch, Date you entered, rank, etc… and to get the discount, I have to use a smartphone and run their App.

You might not think that 214 is important today, but sometime in the future, you, your heirs, might need that information… As for the military discount, after serving over 30-years, in 17-different location, on more continents than the average college graduate can name, I think I’ve earned that discount…

Actually I did send for my records and got promotions, training. etc. but the only DD214 was for signal school. So I got everything they had. We only had two guys full time in the unit and then a coulple clerks on training weekends to help so I think they just didn’t get the paperwork all up to date. At 70 years old though I don’t want them knocking on my door trying to activate me. No big deal. I have everything anyone would need.

Off topic, but what kinda irks me though is that my dad flew with the Civil Air Patrol in Wisconsin during the war. After hours after ship yard work. They started giving awards out for it some years ago and I think because it was a Minnesota effort and he was in Wisconsin there were no records and never got anything. He’s dead though but I have no other records from that time. They would patrol the bay area around Sturgeon Bay for any German activity with the ship yards. I don’t know even if he got his flying license before that or if they might have helped him get his license then and he jumped at the chance. I know he was working on it right out of high school. Everybody is dead now and I’m sure lots of people fell through the cracks.

Bing, were you Army? I was in a different branch, we were not required to turn anything in, after about ten years I finally decided it was dumb to keep all my old uniforms, into the trash they went. I did keep one set of jungle fatigues. They stressed how important the DD214 was. At that time the suggestion was to register your DD214 at your Clerk of the Courts office.
Though they provided no assistance to dealing with the VA.
To keep the conversation slightly car related, the VA reimburses me for driving to clinic appointments.

Yeah army reserve. I think it was a local thing with the supply guys building up their stock. We don’t qualify for va or any benefits so doesn’t really matter. Different story today with everyone getting activated.

No wonder you are so concerned about the government catching up with you. :wink:


I’m not worried about myself as much as for my grandkids.

When I retired in 2001, I was also advised to also do this and I did. It was a few years later that the military stopped advising this, about the same time as when they told us to stop putting our Social Security Number on checks and other legal instruments… They told us there had been a spate of identity thefts that were caused by the 214s getting made public. It seems that once you register your 214 it becomes a public record and anyone who wants to look at the books can see them and even make a copy… Foolish me. The county where I registered mine, digitized all the records going back several years before I came along. I looked on line and I saw my 214 online, for all the world to see…

Heh heh. Name and SS# printed on all the duffle bags, lined up or in airports etc. Plus orders were always posted with a full page of everyone’s name and SS# and everone got a copy. I don’t think anybody even thought about it.

Here are a few thoughts on these areas of interest. I am a member of 5-different libraries in my local area. These libraries all offer membership to the adjacent counties as a courtesy, so I’ve joined all of them. The advantage is each offers different on-line resources, Free to members, and none offer everything from just one location.

Two of the resources are the Ancestry Library Edition which delivers billions of records, including US and foreign census data, vital records, directories, photos, and more.

And the other is Fold3 with access to military records, including the stories, photos and personal documents of the who served from the Revolutionary War onward.

More recent are at the National Archives – Veterans Service Records

I found a lot information about my two grandfathers who fought in WWI, one in Russia and the other in Scotland, both who fought the Germans (or as they called them, the Huns…) and I found my father’s records who fought in WWII.

Hope this helps, I even researched myself and found information on these web sites that was not released to me when I performed a FOIA for all information on me for a security background check.

Doesn’t seem like the seniors are going to adapt to Bank of America’s digital pay method, stuck in 1961, I picture these people carrying a check book in their shirt pocket.

You do realize the current Car Talk episodes are from the late 80’s/early 90’s, don’t you? From decades ago. Ray also specifically said “metal gas can”.

Yet the puzzler was emailed last week.

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You’ve just listed myriad things that can cause static yet you seem stuck on the idea that cell phones are a static risk with zero reasoning for it beyond some woo-woo voodoo fear of modern technology. They are the one thing does NOT. Not one part of a cell phone creates static. If a cell phone caused static buildup or released it, the cellphone itself would fry it’s own circuits. It’s complete and utter nonsense.

However, if your own body has static buildup, which is not uncommon after stepping out of a car, the cellphone you’re holding in your hand will happily transfer and ground that charge if it’s the first thing that touches something. But if you leave your phone in the car, your fingers, your keys, will do the job just fine.

Funny you mention a comb as being a proven method for creating static, yet I don’t see your call for banning them at gas stations.

How do you get “Yet…” from that? It’s a rerun. Yes, they didn’t have email back then, they just now sent the rehashed puzzler.

Yet almost all the major gas brands accept apple or google pay from your phone. And you’d think they would have a vested interest in not setting their equipment on fire.


The “yet” comes from puzzlers not being updated. Some puzzlers are timeless, some need to be screened for currency.

How about this:
Owner has repeated problem with oil spraying over his engine.
Hint, he backs down an unshoveled driveway in the winter.

The solution to that puzzler easy, move to a town that doesn’t allow driveways.

Silly puzzler. Dad always backed down the snow covered driveway until I shoveled it after school. No oil spray.

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I refer you back to Posting Number 19…