I was at the mechanic today < --- > The price?


Wonder if this is normal price?

Mitzu Eclipse 2001,60K service

Timing belt 55.40$
Timing Belt Tensioner-s 75.02$
Alternator Belt - s 26.67$
Power Steering Belt - s 23.32$
Air Filter-s 14.83$
Engine oil -n 4@2.95$= 11.80$
Oil filter -n 3.99$
Left wiper 12.95$
Rear Wiper 12.95$

= 236.93$
Labor 127.50$

Brake pad set-s 52.54$
Brake Discs 2@55.32$= 110.64$

Labor 552.50$
Parts 400.11$
Haz Waste 2.00$
tax 33.01$

Bal Due: 987.62$


Wonder how much labor they charged you for the oil change and wipers and belts?

I think the parts are reasonable, but without a labor breakdown, it’s hard to tell how you made out on that end of things.


I think that there may have been other items that were included for that price, as the 60k service includes a lot more than an oil change. (The other items that you list could have been replaced at any point, and are not part of a 60k service.)

Look in your factory Maintenance Schedule (it should be sitting in your glove compartment), in order to see what is listed for 60k. Chances are, the list will include things like changing the coolant, replacing the fuel filter, and possibly replacing the spark plugs and changing the brake fluid. If these things were not done, I would be concerned about their omission, as well as the price that you were charged.


Getting timing belt done alone with water pump usually ranges between $300(very low) to $600(normal high). Given you had your brakes done also the charges seem reasonable. There will always be a mechanic “who can do it cheaper” and another more $$$$.

Is labor = $127.50 mean $127.50/hour??? If that is the case in your locale your price makes sense.


Sounds about right to me. The total might vary by $100 or so depending on the shop.