2000 Honda Accored EX - Brake Repair / Timing Belt Replacement

Hey Car Junkies -

I need a little guidance and expertise. I’ve got some work that needs to be done on my little work horse and am wondering what I should expect in terms of pricing (assuming labor is $70/hr)

#1) I need to get new brakes + rotors (front & back). I believe the front was quoted at $299 and the back at $399. Does this sound like a reasonable quote?

#2) I need to get my 90K service check. What’s kind of price should I expect for this (provided nothing is wrong - I’ve got 95K on the odometer)?

#3) How much would it cost to replace the timing belt/chain - parts + labor? I’d rather do it now than later since I’m getting close to that point in terms of milage.

Thanks in advance!

NO $700 for a brake job is a rip off. To replace all rotors and pads and flush the fluid should run way less than that.

Timing belt including water pump, should run you $700-$900. As for what else is required at 95k miles, look to your owners manual for the maintenance schedule.

Find a new shop that isn’t trying to get $700 out of you for brakes…

I should mention it’s using all Honda parts…not sure how much of a difference that makes in pricing…

Your brake job pricing is reasoanable with standard mechanic markup and considering it is using quality parts(OEM Honda in this case). Not exactly clear why back more pricey.

The brake prices are in line considering they’re using Honda parts. Are these dealer prices? They sound like dealer prices. I just checked the last prices I paid for brake pads and rotors and they’re not far off from what you’ve been quoted.

When I had the timing belt replaced on my '97 Accord (with water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, fresh coolant, and a balance shaft belt) it was about $650, but that was a few years ago, so it’s probably a bit more now.

Check the owner’s documentation for a list of what’s necessary at 90K miles.

Actually this may be a very good price, especially if your Honda requires that the steering knuckle be removed and separated in half to get the front rotor off. The 92-97 years required this. Not sure what year they went to the style rotor everyone else uses. If this model does require that the steering knuckle be removed and separated, then pay a little more and get the wheel bearing replaced, it should only be the cost of the bearing itself and just a little to press it off. Pressing it on would be covered when the knuckle is pressed back together.

THANKS to everyone who replied. I had a hard time finding pricing around timing belt replacement that wasn’t dated back 3-5 years. Feedback was helpful and comparing what you all have said to what the shop is telling me, I don’t think I’m getting took. Car is in the shop right now. As an FYI I received a quote of $550 - $950 in regards to the timing belt (best/worst case scenario and using Honda parts).