2005 Chevy Malibu Base headlamp problems

I’m not too savvy with cars, but I was hoping to find some help here.

So I bought two brand new headlight assemblies for the front of the car because my lights kept flickering. I assumed it was the connector and just opted to buy two new assemblies (why not they look good brand new)

So the mechanic who installed these for me said it’s not the connector on the new headlamps that was the problem, it’s the part on the cars end. Basically I mean the part on the car side that you plug the new lamps into.

I cannot find just this one little part ANYWHERE. The mechanic said he’d be surprised if I did. He suggested I get them to clip off the connectors at a junk yard. Unfortunately no junk yard has any.

I found websites with an entire harness for close to 1000 dollars, however this is entirely too much when all I need is this one little part.

Does anyone know where I could find something like this online? I apologize if I wasn’t as descriptive as I should be. Wish I knew car lingo and part names.

Thanks for the help. :+1::+1::+1:

Headlamp electrical connector


From Rockauto, also local automparts stores and the dealer may have these pigtails as well

This is the plug on the headlight assembly. Is it just me or does it look like the connectors you showed me wouldn’t fit?
If this is indeed what I need that would be awesome. Just doesn’t look like that fits.

This is what I need. I cannot find this anywhere. Other than at an absurd price.

I don’t need an entire harness. Just that one little tiny part. It’s corroded and all my mechanic would have to do is clip my old one off and put this one in its place.

I suspect the reason you are having difficulty is b/c you aren’t referring to the part with the name the vendor’s parts database expects. This is a common problem with finding auto parts. “pigtail” is the usual name for that part as is used here. That’s probably the term you need to use. I expect a Chevy Dealership parts department would have it or could order it for you. Take your new headlight in with you, so you can double check it fits. There’s probably more than one Chevy model that uses that part btw. Did you check at your local pick and pulls? If not, just surf over to their website, and you can check what cars your local pick and pull have on their lot. They’ll have a cross reference of all models that use that part too, but you’ll have to go to one in person to get that list probably. Those folks at pick and pull in my area anyway are very friendly and helpful about stuff like that.

If you simply cant find that part an auto-electric tech could make you a work-around for not much $$$ I expect. They’d just use a different pair of connectors is all, replacing both the connector on your new ass’y and your car’s harness. I had a problem like that on my Corolla a couple years ago, with the license plate lamp wiring. The connector had broken. My solution: No replacement connector at all, I just soldered the appropriate wires together.

Thank you so much. This is a very viable option. My only problem is I’m finding the part (ranting between 300-1100). Think that’s because it’s the whole darn harness.

Very very good idea. Thank you :pray:

@TwinTurbo has your solution. A pigtail to be wired to the original harness

Here are the part numbers, for what it’s worth

AC Delco # PT1784

GM # 88987990

If you buy the genuine GM or AC Delco product, it will come with the heat-shrink type butt connectors, which is what you should be using, anyways.