Trailblazer lowbeam headlamp connectors melt

What is causing my lowbeam headlamps connectors to melt on my 2004 Trailblazer?

I have replaced one GM pigtail connector for $30 and it lasted less than 2 months. The other factory connector is partially melted near the bulb connection but working today.

A faulty connection could cause that and also be sure you are using the correct wattage bulbs.

If you are using those different colored non-factory bulbs that would be the cause. They draw more power and generate more heat than the factory 50W bulbs.

A poor connection will heat. Use the GM connector conductor grease. Whatzat? Ask the GM parts person.

You can get dielectric grease that will do the same thing that the GM stuff does at auto parts stores. I like to use it in my outdoor light fixtures at home and I got tires of paying several dollars for a fraction of an ounce so I bought a tub from www.ryderfleet

Truck-Lite Corrosion Preventive NYK77