I unknowingly poured kerosene into my 93 FordRanger

i ran out of gas and somebody put kerosene into a gasoline can- from which i proceeded to pour roughly a gallon into my tank- Is there anything i can do? the truck won’t start-

Running out of gas can burn up a fuel pump. So let’s make sure the fuel pump is working.

Remove gas cap, and while listening down the fill tube, have someone turn the ignition to the run position. You should hear the fuel pump run for a second or two and then shut off. If you don’t hear the fuel pump run, well?, the fuel pump requires replacement.

If the pump does run, then fill the gas tank with gas. That one gallon of kerosene by itself is enough to prevent the engine from starting. But if you fill the tank with gas, it should dilute the kerosene down to where the engine will start.


So… you’ve tried to start it with the kerosene in it? If not, DON’T. If you have, you need to drain that tank, flush it with gasoline, and get the kerosene out of the fuel lines as soon as possible.

(EDIT: Even if you haven’t tried to start the car, you need to drain the tank and flush it with gasoline.)

your truck WONT start with kero in the tank.

BUT… draining the kero out, and refilling with gasoline would help.

do you by any chance have two tanks in your truck? if you do, then switch to the other tank and make sure you have gas in the tank.

All good posts so far and you probably haven’t hurt the engine. I would drain or syphon all the kero thats possible and throw in a few gals of high test fuel. Your lines and fuel rail may be loaded with kero so saturate your air filter with good fuel, reinstall and start the engine. It may be needed a couple of times but the engine will start and run rough for a while. JUst be sure to have the filter and cover in place to prevent backfire. I’ve done it on dozens of cars that ran dry. LEE