I think I killed my king cab 4x4, 2.5 tdi

I drove without my busted clutch, and now its working, but the motor shakes (more than before)in netural at low revs… any chance I didn’t lunch it? It isn’t worth much but I love it…is there a chance of a cheap problem or did I bend it up good?

Explain busted clutch and how it is now working.
Maybe check loose or broking motor,trans mounts.

Tell us your maintenance history and mileage and any other pertinent information please.

I was hoping motor mount,
It has 180k, and the clutch just ran dry from a leak ( fixed)
I shifted it about 12 times without the clutch, and it got me off the side of the road, but now it’s got the shakes. At highway speed it sounds fine, it shifts well, but neutural is still bumpy. I can see and feel the shakes in the shifter knob. It’s not too bad, but double the vibration it used to make at idle. The motor was really tight, and I fear I torqued the camshaft or the bearings. Any way to check without tearing it all down?