55 70mph vibration in 97 F250 4x4 super duty 5.7L Auto

I have had a new vibration in my well miled 123,000 and well cared for F250 with manual hubs on 4x4. I thought it was the Firestone tires I put on it a year back that showed severe tread surface chipping SO I bought new Michelins truck still has a loud and visable vibration in mirror It starts at about 53 mph and goes till 70 then quiets down smooths out I had recenty work done on rear drums (turned) and front axle u joints, and ball joints replaced. I hate to keep quessing what is wrong I could buy new drums to take that out of equation for not to much money I have looked at 4x4 while truck is creeping and no movement of axle shaft so hubs are disengaging. online threads seem to suggest that this may be a motor mount trans mount balance problem. I have not checked mount as of yet. Any input will help thanks

Additionally I have taken car to 68ish and put in Neutral and vibration still exist till falls below 55ish so not to sure of the mount suggestion I found online I love this truck od more over dont want to get a new truck payment anytime soon with this truck being in the $35000 plus class today

When you replaced the tyres did you have the new ones balanced? When was the last time it was aligned, was it done after the balljoints?

You have covered a lot of good guesses. Has anyone check the engine mounts?

I have not yet checked motor mounts but will, yes tires where balanced both times and after first set of tires it was aliened but not the new ones as I only had 7K on old aleign, but still a good idea to have checked. The 97 expedition had a very similar issue that has a lot of threads online about it. This never was an issue till first new tires and other repairs where done most invasive being the ball joints. I am going to put a dial indicator along each rim and spin and see if all running true maybe I bent a rim but the tire guy should have picked up on that this last time around you would think … forget I said that… hey I got an idea I’ll strap myself under truck have friend take to problem speed and use a stephiscope and listen for the problem area in a McGiver like fashion ya right and be on the next jackass installment of stupid human tricks… what of the shocks I haven’t checked for a bad shock yet. Also you can really feel this vibration in the transfer case shifter and slightly in steering wheel

Ok I have gone wheel to wheel and have discovered the possible culprit MY rear ujiont is badly worn and I should have know better than to check it without lifting the truck. On ground it seemed solid and looked like they were fine. When I put one tire up and gave the wheel a push back and forth O the play in that joint! that will make a drive line vibrate for sure. this is a leason an a friends father had told me years ago never trust the grab the driveshaft and wiggle test. I am living that rule now. It had more backlash than a misspoken Presidential canidate!@#!! Or for that matter our current Lord of the manor President Shrub I mean Bush LOL tommorrow I shall attempt to wrestle these ujoints out and post back

If the u-joint is not the culprit, check the front suspension. You might have a worn component.

And our esteemed presidential candidates do not misspeak - they are misquoted! ;^)