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I put my carburetor back together, I have a screw left over

I put my carb back together and have a screw left (probably one loose too). I took it apart again, looked closely, watched 2 disassembly videos from YouTube again, can’t see what I missed.

It’s a 3mm 10mm long, the screw this carb uses to hold lighter-duty parts onto it. It’s dirty like an outside screw (as opposed to the clean screws inside). I’ve inspected the parts schematic and account for all screws on it, except that some carbs of this class use 2 screws to hold the throttle positioner; in one of the videos the guy takes off 2 screws for his throttle positioner. There’s some tiny chance this screw migrated into my stuff, but I can’t think of how.

Anyone have advice?

Aisan 35430, Toyota 22R engine, 2 bbl, air aspirated

If you throw it away and then install the carburetor you’ll likely find out that it won’t run without it. But if you put it in a Mason jar and store it in a safe place years from now you’ll wonder why someone put a screw in a Mason jar and stored it.


I have hardware like that. Sorry for the false alarm, but it was the other screw for the throttle positioner. The hole had inadvertently gotten covered with tape for a separate reason, the tape had gotten dirty, taking on the color of the carb. Sorry. I’ve run out of gas.