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1971 truck

i have a rockchetster 2 barrel carb. and i dont know linkage assembly for throutle body

OK…what else dont you know? Are you asking a question here? I think you might be asking what or how to put a throttle linkage on the truck? Why do you need to do this…what happened? Did something change? Did you replace a part? I could go on…but obviously we need A LOT more info please

i had to repair the carburetor and after i did that i went to go and put it back i was left with two pieces and now i cant put them back on , the two peices connect to to the air intake and the other connects to the gas pedal 2 little rods are left to be put in the

Surely you have a place for “extra” parts that you can’t figure out how to install.

yes i know were they go i just cant put them back in and i want to know is the some why that thay go in that i dont know of i toke them off and after i re did the carb the would not go in

Why cant you put them back? Is it possible…that you removed the rods when you had the throttle body loose and off the engine…sometimes that is what is needed because of the bends in the rods…they can be put on while you assemble the T-body…and when its all bolted up you can no longer maneuver things the way you could with no bolts in…My guess is that you removed these rods with the funky bends in them as you were taking it apart…now you may need to tear down to a certain point in order to be able to get them back in… Ive done that B4 sure…

Especially when the rods have bends in the ends that would make it impossible to put back together without having the T-body loose…they do that when there are no actual fasteners involved in the linkage…its like a fool proof system to prevent them from ever falling off after you bolt everything down…without using a single fastener…

I bet thats what you did… You need to disassmble what you just did to a certain extent until you are able to maneuver all the parts together at that specific portion of the install… Make sense?

ya now that makes some sense thank you so much for that info and for the help honda blackbird now im going to go try and do this

Ahh, the Rochester 2GC, I spent many hours working on this carb. No fond memories though. Try this link, there are instruction sheets with exploded parts diagrams that may help sort out the linkages. The site also sells carb manuals.

This link has a good description of the setup.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s better to replace a carb than attempt to rebuild it.

Good luck,

Ed B.