I need help with my installed CV axle

I have a 2009 Chevy equinox I switch out the driver side cv axle which was my first time I didn’t know it was going to leak a lot of fluid well anyway I installed the CV axle and put everything back together I figure it be okay to drive it around the block back to my drive way once I turned the car felt like it popped out if gear and when I would push the gas it acted like I was in neutral and when I out it in out it makes a grinding noise until I turn it off could someone plz help me am sure it needs fluid but could that be the only problem

If a lot transmission fluid leaked out, that can cause the transmission to slip.

And are you sure the axle is completely installed into the trans-axle?


you might have had a bad axel seal that needed to be replaced causing the fluid to leak out.
it goes in the transmission where the axel goes in.

Sounds like the inner joint was not fully engaged into the transaxle and popped out.

The park pawl won’t engage if the output shaft is still rotating, also with the axle disconnected “park” won’t hold the vehicle from rolling away, set the parking brake.


Yes but I pulled it to make sure and the boot stretch out pretty maybe that losen something ?

I just did this on my wife’s Sonata this weekend. When you put axle in, you have to make sure it is in all the way. Since your original is already removed, you can compare it to the other side. The Axle spline has a metal O ring on the tip, if you can, make sure it came out with the older one and that the new one had one on the tip.

In my case, when I was pulling the older one out and working it with the pry bar, the whole inner axle got disassembled on its own. I guess it was good timing to change it even though it had just started clicking on full steer. I also broke the outer tie rod. I knew this is going to happen because it also happened with the passenger side and I was ready with the part ordered. I had to get an alignment though.

I concur w/above comments that the problem is likely that the new axel isn’t inserted into the transmission all the way. You may have to rotate the shaft slightly while applying a little force to get it to engage correctly & insert fully. Sometimes I’ve used a home-made slide hammer gadget for this sort of thing as getting some force in the right direction on the shaft while you are slightly turning it can be awkward.

Did you compare the old shaft dimensions to the new one? Sometimes the parts place will give you the wrong part number as it depends on the options you have, not just the make/model/year.

As you’ve discovered the trans fluid will leak out of the hole once you remove the shaft. Next time poke a small rag in there. I don’t think the loss of trans fluid is what is causing your problem, but good idea to top off your trans fluid at this point of course.

It’s easy to get fooled into thinking the axle has bottomed out when it’s not fully inserted. That’s probably what happened.

Define “a lot” of fluid, because that’s transmission fluid and if too much leaked out you really want to replace it before you run the car…