Change cv axle, now trans = delayed engagement

I changed out the front driver side CV axle on my 04 Lexus RX330. Incidentally I also change that a bunch of the front end suspension, but I doubt that’s related. When I pulled the old CV, about a quart and a half of transmission fluid poured out, which i wasn’t expecting. I read that it can be common, but the volume seemed really high. After putting everything back together, I went ahead and drained the rest of the transmission fluid and filled it back up.

When i went to test, i heard a high pitch squeal when i went into reverse (no gas yet, not moving). I turned off the car, panicked, gathered myself and started again. Squeal was much less and very brief.

When I put it in reverse and applied gas, it moved like normal, backing up the driveway for a way. When i put it in drive, i got not engagement. Then i was getting the same results in reverse, no motion.

After stopping and starting the car again, i had movement in reverse. But in drive i have to really give it gas to get any motion. When I google “delayed engagement” it seems to describe it well. Going back to reverse seem to still have the delay issue.

One note: when it does engage, it’s a gradual motion. It doesn’t lurch.

I read about the idea that the cv axle might not be in all the way, but the symptoms do not seem aligned.

Any ideas folks?

Take the axle you replaced back out and examine the splines.

If the splines are messed up, the axle wasn’t completely inserted into the transmission.


Did you recheck the transmission fluid level to see if it dropped?

Yes, i checked level again while warm. Will recheck while cold.

driver side axle is usually 1 piece and fairly short. vs the pass side axle. positive it is seated properly in trans side case? did you collect old fluid. verify amount that came out. and you put that amount back in?

I will be checking the seating and verifying for stripping as noted above. I didn’t capture the fluid that came out in a way that i could measure. It was a surprise. But i drained all, as indicated, and then refilled and measured.