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I need a new grocery getter. Do you think this will work?

I seen this a few years ago at a Jewels store. Its sounds good as it looks. What fun to do the shopping in this! Easy to work on too. So what do you think?

I think some people have too much time on their hands. . .
(the fabricator that is, not you oldbodyman)

I think that you might have a problem maneuvering that thing down the aisles.


With grocery prices being what they are, I could see the tab running about 30 grand to fill that thing up… :slight_smile:

I like it.

Promotional vehicles such as this used to be more common than they are back when the requirements for being streetworthy were less ponderous. This past weekend I was in an antique store and they had an old black & white photo from the early 1900s of a huge shoe that was a car.

One of the legendary builders of a lot of these cars was George Barris, who also built cars for TV shows, including the original Batmobile, the Beverly Hillbilly’s car, the Munstermobile, and many others. The man was a true genius.

The first body shop I owned,I would rent out a space to a guy. His dad worked for George Barris. He grew up around Barris’s shop. The things he could do with a sheet of metal was just art work. I watched him make a rear tail panel for a 70 mach 1 Mustang. He did it with just hammers a shot bag. I sill have a home made hammer that belonged to his dad. I sill wonder if it was used on any of the cars you mentioned. The sad thing was this guy would rather drink and do odd jobs,than do body work.

A good caption for this would be: The wife wanted a new grocery getter, so I got her this. I sill don’t when I will let back in the house.

I’m wondering about wind resistance…great or small?

I love it but then I am partial towards shopping carts, having tinkered around making a remote controlled shopping cart years ago. It really had the cart collector at Stop&Shop scratching his head, after it was trying to get away from him.

If they had them at Aldis, would it still cost $0.25?

“I’m wondering about wind resistance…great or small?”

The only thing that resists wind flow is that Jewel-Osco sign. Lose it and only the people stop the wind. And bugs. A bit top heavy though.

Honda geeks rejoice. Honda has taken the “shopping cart spoiler” thing and ran with it, like they did the VTEC meter. Expect this to be the redesigned 2016 Civic Si