Can't wait for an electric car? Get an electric motorcycle!

If your commute is less than 40 miles round trip (or 80 miles round trip and you can plug it in at work), you now have the option of buying an electric motorcycle. They also have scooters and ATVs. Check them out at http://www…/index.php and let me know what you think.

Hey J,

I bought a Kurrent ( this past June. This is a microcar which is totally electric. My commute to work is only 6 miles round trip. So far the car is working well - goes in rain and snow too!

The only drawback is that it probably doesn’t have the range that is reported (about 35 miles) and that it is not good on the hills in my area. Likewise, the power to climb the hills decrease the overall distance of the vehicle.

The Zenn is also another vehicle

It looks like Kurrent’s web address is


Electric cars are inevitable. Some European citties are considering banning gasoline engines within the city limits.

I want a Tesla roadster. Badly.

Just make sure you can ride better than this guy:

Eureka! The range problem has been solved (I think). Why didn’t anyone think of this before, it’s so obvious! ELECTRIC EELS!! A small aquarium full of electric eels in the car somewhere and it should run on fish food.

Bring sterno and if you get stuck in a remote area you’ll have something to eat.

i bought an eGo scooter last summer. my commute is about 6 miles each way and getting 700 mpg is only the beginning of the fun. i live in rural maine and travelling at 18 mph is pleasure in itself, and it if fully capable of the city stuff i have to do. with panniers i can do a reasonable grocery shop, for example. the eGo has just under 2 hp, a perfect match for a human being. since so many of us have relatively short commutes it is really worth asking the question if we need 200 hp just to cart a human and a bunch of steel around the way we do.

How about one of these puppies?

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I drive an electric 3 wheeler and it makes a great commuter car. My top speed is 55mph and my range is 15-40 miles depending on driving style. It is a kit from

Or just click my link to it a few posts up. :smiley:

…and rice for Unagi!

Cool links! Gotta come up with a better name than MOTARD! I can’t help remembering my old Suzuki 125 which I drove on and off road . . on the highway once I had a semi come so close to my rear wheel (he was playing “push the motorcycle”) that I vowed then and there to always have enough motor on my motorcycle to avoid such circumstances. Rocketman

They didn’t coin the name “motard”, motards are a term used to describe off-road bikes that have been converted into street bikes by putting street tires on them or for track use, racing slicks. It’s short for supermotard. I think it’s French in origin but the name has stuck within the motorcycle community.