I hope that he survives this trip

It was an Intramotor Blanco
Gloria Intramotor Blanco moped startup - YouTube
I was learning to drive and thought it was a nice way to get familiar with the road. It was wonderful. ! Also got 100 mpg during the Reagan years, people lined up at gas stations, while I zoomed by (at 10mph). As I stated, you could get up to 38mph on the hills. However, to start it, you had to morph into a hamster.


See my previous reply, it has the video clip of that part of the show

Good friend of mine has done that trip 4 times since he retired. I like a good bike ride myself. But NOT for 2-3 months straight. I can think of better things to do with my time.


Maybe good for a few free beers from the interested locals?


He will probably need them.

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This was mine if I can get it to post. 64 Montgomery Wards


They still make them?

Company based out of London makes a continuation series, electric or gas

Peel enthusiast Gary Hillmansecured the rights to start building the cars once more under the newly formed Peel Engineering, which now sells around 15 P50s annually, plus 10 or so continuations of Peel’s two- seat bubblecar, the Trident. The traditional petrol version of the P50 is more popular in the UK and is priced at £14,879, while the car’s biggest market is the US, where the electric model (£13,679) circumvents emissions regulations.

Being a three wheeler, it’s also technically a motorcycle with easier to meet regulations.

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