Diriving from kansas city to new york



My son and i are driving to Ithaca from Kansas city in his 92 ford tempo. It only has 47,000 miles on it. The brakes are new, new tires. The engine has been checked out by Meineke and it starts in sub zero weather. Any advise


Has he had it for a while, or did he just get it? Oil changed? Coolant recently changed?

p.s. Bring you cellphone(s) and car charger(s).


“The engine has been checked out by Meineke . . .” That’s reassuring.

Carry food, water, warm clothing, and blankets in case you’re stranded in the snow.

It’s a thousand miles. Almost any car can do that. You’ll be fine.

Bet the KC girls really dig that Tempo.


A small, maybe folding or 2-piece, shovel might be handy for digging the car out. Ithaca is in a local snow minimum, but they sure got a lot earlier this week. You are probably aware that it is quite hilly in the city itself. When it gets icy, you might be going nowhere, without studded tires or chains, until the sand truck goes by.


Maybe 24-26 hours driving time. Two days unless you take turns. Storms tend to sweep across the country at 30-40 mph at intervals of 48-72 hours. If you have any flexibility try to slot yourself into the space between two fronts.

Make sure the spare has air in it and that you have a jack, lug wrench, and something to pry hubcaps off with. If you have an AAA membership, that’s good. Throw a couple of blankets or sleeping bags and a couple of grocery store jugs of water in the back seat. If you have a cell phone, charge it and take it with you. If not, the kid will likely have one.


Thanks everyone. This is the posters son whom the car belongs to and is being driven back up and it has converted my mom greatly to know that my car can make it. Thank you for your posts.