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Dakotablue 1995 3.9L six First Stall Out Ever

First stall out ever

Hi; I’m logged in as Dakotablue. My truck is a 1995, 3.9L six with 235,000 miles and mostly original. I’ve replaced one water pump, one serpantine belt; the power steering pump has been rebuilt. But that is it. Original oil and fuel pumps; orig tranny. Never over heated; never died; never towed.

Anyway, yesterday, we stalled out in an ARCO gas station close to home. I went on line and followed some threads about fuel lines and ASD relays etc.

Dakota started when I squirted gas directly in carb; but then quickly died. If I try to locate and replace ASD on my own … is this feasible and do I just ask Kragen or AutoZone for ASD relay?

What does the ASD relay do, specifically? Does it control the fuel pump? No, the ASD Relay controls power to the engine computer. If the power to the engine computer is cut, the engine WON’T run, at all.
Squirting fuel into the intake is a good idea. It eliminated other large areas to consider; such as, is it lack of spark? Answer: “No”.
The problem area is fuel; either, supply or control. You need to check the fuel injectors. Put your finger tip on the fuel injector while the engine is cranking. You can feel the fuel injector click every two to three seconds during cranking. If it clicks, it’s OK.
If there are fuel injector clicks, the fuel isn’t getting to the fuel injectors, at pressure. Maybe, because of a dirty fuel filter, and, maybe, because the fuel pump isn’t running. It takes electrical power to run a fuel pump.

07/29/2009 edited.

I’d probably be looking at the fuel pump and fuel pump relay first.