07 pt cruiser..no fuel

I have a cruiser with no fuel pressure. Replaced pump and still no fuel coming to motor. Checked fuses and a few of the fuses for the ASD system have no power. Can’t find a wiring diagram or anything on schematics for a dyi person. Can someone help me? Trying to find the ASD and fuel pump relay to test them car was driving down road and quit. Will pop off on spray. Only power to pump is sending unit… Thanks

Found a few diagrams here https://www.autozone.com/repairguides/PT-%20Cruiser-2001-2005/Ground-Distribution/Ground-%20Distribution-15-of-18/_/P-0996b43f802e2b23

If you want diagrams and are in a pinch, you can invest in a Haynes manual for a one time cost, or there’s an online All data DIY.com for an annual fee per car.

Thank u guys…appreciate that. Was wondering if anyone knows the locations of the fuel pump relay and the asd relay… Having a hard time find out those two itema

Google is your friend. Found this in a few seconds.

They are located side by side.

Googled hates me then.

Well…after some digging my fuse box is different then that one. I noticed goggle comes up with 2 different designs. I check power today and no power at the ASD fuses so I am trying to find where the relay would be. I signed up for autozone and got some electric diagrams but can’t seem to fins the one I need…so many I might have even missed it so I am going to look tomorrow again. Also from what I am reading it could be the computer as some people say there is no fuel pump relay as it is controlled by the tipm…computer. Don’t know…might be gett8ng in over my head but its a good car and got it cheap so trying to fix myself…any help is greatly appreciated guys…
If someone knows for sure about the relay and why I am not getting power to the asd system…no power at fuse 23.w.24.26…( I think those were the slots) I sure can use the help

The ASD relay in located on the firewall, left side. Fuse #18 powers the ASD relay.

The ASD relay powers fuses #23, 26 and 32 while cranking the engine or when running, test for power at these fuses while cranking the engine.

The fuel pump is powered by the TIPM.

Isn’t the TIPM a common failure on mopars . . . ?

Wasn’t the PT Cruiser a common failure by MOPAR.

Sorry couldn’t help myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: