I have a 1986 Monte Carlo

The gas guage doesnt work,so i have to write the miles when filling up,well Thursdays usually i have enough gas in the car to get home cash my check, and get more gas in it, Thursday night went to start the car,it would run a second and quit, the battery ran low trying to start it after putting 6 dollars of gas in, then it does this click,click,click when you try to start it. It seems to not be getting a charge. I dont know exactly whats wrong with it. I cant get it started

I think at this point your battery is dead and needs to be recharged or replaced but $6 worth of gas is only two gallons in an 18 gallon tank. You should keep at least 1/2 tankfull during the winter to avoid water in the gas. You may have burned out the fuel pump in the tank at this point.

You need to determine if the problem is fuel into the engine. Get a can of spray Starting Fluid from the auto parts store, etc. Spray a burst of the Starting Fluid into the intake tube (carb, or fuel injected). Get a jump start. Does the engine run a few seconds and die? If it does, the problem is fuel. Have you changed the fuel filter recently? If it’s fuel injected, can you hear the fuel pump hum, in the gas tank, when you first turn the ignition key to ON?