86 monte carlo wont say on


my brother gots a 86 monte carlo and its been sitting for 7 months and i recentlly whent to turn it on and it starts but only if i put gas in the carbuator. i gots gas and i checked the fuel pump and it works .


Look down in the carburetor while you work the throttle linkage by hand. You should see gas squirt out of the accelerator pump discharge nozzles each time you work the throttle.

If you don’t, then the float needle may be stuck from months of sitting.
If the carb float chamber has gas in it then the problem may be either the accelerator pump check ball is stuck from sitting or any one of a number of jets or passages is plugged up from varnished gasoline.


If worse came to worse it is possible that “varnish” has built up on the car and in this case it could be clogging the needle valve. Most of the time (at least with my vintage motorcycles) there has been either a piece of dirt or somthing possibly blocking the intake, initially, from getting enough gas.