2002 monte carlo ss starting problems


Hi, My monte carlo with 46,000 miles has a problem. This usually happens on the 10th to 15th start. Engine will start and car will drive normally but there will be NO gages operating. The radio will not work. The air conditioner will not work but the fan will. The windows do work. When I turn off the engine and try to restart there is no response. No click no starter no radio no gages no windows no trunk release with button or with keyfob. Nothing works. To get the car to start I was getting under the hood and moving a wire harness then starting the egnition. Everything would work like a normal car.Now I’m tired of opening the hood and I turn of and on every button,switch,radio,open and close the door and after 4 to 8 trys of the ignition switch the car will work normally.I have a mechanic who helps me with normal routin maintance he thinks it’s electrical but he doesn’t have computor diognostic ability so I brought it to the dealer which I hate to do, they diognost the trouble was the " ignition lock cylinder and passlock sensor " which the charged $510.00 to complete. The prefaced it with you may need to change the “BCM” replaced at a cost of $350.00 more. The problem is still with me and I don’t trust the dealer that the BCM is the real problem and it will cost me even more money. Does anyone have a clue what could be causing the problem? The did say that the wiring had no signs of short or chaffing. Thanks.

I tried to get through to your show a few times but the lines are always buzy. You have a great show!


After looking at some data for your car it looks to there may be a wire connection problem with the ignition switch fuse in the fuse panel under the hood. This supplies power to the ignition switch and there may be a bad connection at the fuse panel.

It seems to me you have paid the service to fix this problem and they need to now really fix it and at no extra charge to you. They obviously didn’t replace the correct part but they did charge you a lot of money for something you didn’t need. I would go back to them and insist they they correct the trouble. I do not buy the comment about you may be needing a new BCM. This sounds like another guess at the trouble at your expense. I think this trouble is due to just a simple wire connection problem. The fact that you can move the wiring under the hood and correct the trouble points to that conclusion also.

Ignition switches do fail at times but my guess is they didn’t prove the switch was the problem before replacing it. The real trouble may be before the switch. See if you can locate the Ign Sw fuse in the panel under the hood. If you tap on it when this trouble is happening, and it corrects the trouble, then you have pretty much proven it is a connection problem in the fuse panel.