Car will not start

I have a 2004 Monte Carlo SS Supercharged car that will not start. Everything else works on it. You cannot jump it off. We tryed Shorting the starter and it would start for just a few seconds then the security light would come on then it would die. Now the fuel rail is out of gas and there seems to be no current to the fuel pump or starter. Can anyone help?

I would suggest finding out why you don’t have power going to the fuel pump and starter. I suspect if you don’t know how to try and pin that one down, that you are going to need a mechanic anyway, so I would suggest taking it to your local mechanic. If I have misjudged your abilities, sorry, please let us know and I expect you will get some more specific instructions if needed.

You said “the security light would come on then it would die”. Here is a crazy thought: What if the problem is related to the security system? What does the owners manual say about the security light coming on? It’s very possible if the security system detects a fault (like a wrong key transponder code, no code or other issue), then it will shut off or not allow power to flow to the fuel pump, hence no gas your rail.

That WAS the question I had. Why wouldn’t I have power to the fuel pump? We thought it may have something to with some kind of button or somehthing. Someone is now telling us to lock and unlock the drivers side door with the key. He thinks it has something to do with the security. If that doesn’t work he has another option but we will try this first.
update: We have tryed those things he said and it still does not start.

Sorry I missed that part about the security light. Yea, it thinks someone is trying or did try to steal it. I don’t know the procedure for your specific car, but hopefully it is in the owner’s manual. If not and if no one here has the answer for you, then I will have to recommend the dealer or at least give the local mechanic a call.