Help! Need to replace wheel rims. OEM? Replica? Different? Where? Who? Tire pressure meter?

My 2017 Pilot LX has been towed to Discount Tire to get 2 new tires, but I also need to replace 1-3 wheel rims.

Is it best to stick with the exact wheel that came with the car in order to maintain car value…? Or is that not that important? (If so, OEM or replica?) I read that if you sell a car with different wheels (not an upgrade), it may be appear to be an indicator that the car has had rough driving and be a detriment to a good sales price.

If I go with Discount Tire options (around $250 each, installed), I’d want to get 4 so they match. So $1000.

Dealer would charge $800/installed. Can’t afford if it’s 2-3 wheels.

What are less expensive options that wont decrease car value? OEM? Replicas? Where to find them? Who would install them? Will they have that tire pressure meter?

Or do I just stick with Discount Tire options?


The son is the tire guy where he works.

He says it’s best to replace the wheels with OEM.

And the cheapest place is from an auto recycler.

And I agree.


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Did you hit a curb or something and ruin tires and wheels ? If so and you have full coverage insurance call your agent as you may be covered . You have limited funds so your goal is to get back on the road as cheap as you can . If you can’t afford to have the vehicle towed home or to another shop just get the cheapest tires that fit and the cheapest 4 wheels that they have .

I doubt if the tire store wants your vehicle setting in their lot while you go to a salvage yard but you can ask.

Thanks! Any thoughts for how I navigate from the current status of having a car with two dead tires that was towed to Discount Tires to the goal of OEM wheels from auto recycler? Buying the tires from DT is good because they are no cost.

Or, a question more generally, who is willing to put on new wheels that were not bought from them?

Discount Tire is in the tire/wheel replacement business.

Ask if they can find a set of used wheels locally.


Yes. On the street where my daughter’s tiny school (in a house) is, there is a “well-known” and obnoxious curb jutting out much farther at the corner then the rest of the block. Problem is that the city installed a roundabout right before this block on this tiny street, so when you come out of it, you have to be tight left to the roundabout yet take a right exit. My teen usually drives her, but with half-day finals, I picked her up and was out of the habit of dealing with the curb.

I have USAA, but I didn’t think they would cover something that is my own fault. The tires are free-ish from Discount Tire because I bought that replace-for-any-reason insurance, and they are good Michelin tires because my daughter was getting car sick on the rougher ride of the original brand tires.

So, yeah, my head is exploding on how to navigate all this.

The auto parts recyclers we use deliver wheels to the shop, LKQ for example.

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Thanks. They asked me if I wanted to replace all 4 or have them mismatched, i.e., they didn’t offer to find used matching wheel rim(s), but you’re right, I should ask them explicitly.

Thanks. BTW, I looked up “auto parts recycler” in my town and some of the businesses on the map call themselves salvage yards - are they the same thing?

And that corner curb was one of those heavy duty ones with sewer integrated. The towing company (via USAA) had to bring a flat bed truck because my car couldn’t even roll due to the tires being flat to the metal.

Not the most fun last day of school for my daughter.

Recycler, salvage, junk yard.

Same thing.


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I am going to go against the grain here. I would replace all four wheels with aftermarket steel wheels, commonly sold for use as a winter set, but can be used with standard tires. I assume Discount Tire could obtain such a set; if not I’d buy them online. Then you just need a set of plastic wheel covers, and there are many styles available for not much money.

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If you hit a curb hard enough to do that much wheel and tire damage, there’s also a good chance that you did some damage to your suspension. I hope that Discount Tire is checking for that, although to be honest I’d trust a good independent mechanic over a chain store to do that properly.

As for your original question, I personally would be less likely to buy any used car with obvious aftermarket parts, so your concern is at least somewhat valid.


At parking speed, it is very unlikely that there is any damage to the suspension.

Thank you. I’ll ask them at minimum, maybe try to get it confirmed elsewhere.

Not sure what you mean…? I was driving, not parking.

Discount tire does not employ suspension technicians.

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Speeding past the school at 40 mph?

Ok, another player to throw in the mix! (Throws confetti into the air!)

Clearly I should have done something differently. Tow to the dealer?

No, I was’t going that fast. It’s a narrow, almost residential street, but I wasn’t parking.

I wasn’t speeding.