I got rear ended in my new car. Is there a good website that gives auto body repair estimates?

Hey guys, I’m new to this. Just curious on what you guys think this will cost to repair. Its basically the trunk and bumper, as well as the left side panel thats lifting up a little. Its still drivable, and there’s also a senor back there somewhere that stopped working. Are there any websites that give auto body estimates?

No - because a lot of damage is hidden. You need eyes on to see what is bent and damaged. Most body shops will give you an estimate, if you were hit from behind let the other guys insurance company take care of it


There’s no way in telling how much the damage is going to cost to repair over the interweb.

The vehicle has to be inspected to see if there’s any hidden damage.

And that has to be done at a real body shop.


There is no such thing as a web site that can make an accurate estimate from pictures . Why is the person who ran into you not having their insurance take care of this ?

If a hit and run then your insurance needs to be called . I don’t like to guess but this looks like a total loss.

Well, I left out some info. I was almost killed by a drunk driver last year and this was my “gift” after. I still pay for it lol, but after that accident I made my deductible super high to have a normal payment. This guy didn’t have a license or insurance. So until I come up with 2,000 im stuck with it. The car still drives like its brand new. I’ll include more pics. I understand an app wouldn’t be 100% accurate. This is what I’ve been saying to Geico who told me to do the photo inspection thing…

This accident was a year ago ? No wonder Geico is stalling. Just have a shop make an estimate and tell Geico you want an in person adjuster .
And posting more pictures here is a waste of time because there will be so much damage that might not be visible until the work is started.

No no that car was totalled. I was explaining why I made my deductible so high lol. I wasnt expecting any exact answers, just curious what people thought.

So you’re not required to have uninsured motorist insurance in New York?
A hit-and-run driver with stolen tags totaled my Toyota Matrix two years ago and Geico paid me blue book minus $500.

I do have that, its just my deductible holding me back. I just got back on my feet from my other accident lol.

You just need to borrow the 2000.00 and have it repaired or totaled . And if you have this vehicle financed and the lender finds out they might take it and have it repaired and you will spend more than 2000.00 .

Just my guess but depending on the quarter panel or frame damage, I think you at least are north of $6000 but then in New York, you might have to double that. Estimates are usually free though. Best way.

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This is the first thing that crossed my mind lol. That’s why I was brainstorming the numbers but I know its too difficult to tell. I did see that the OEM parts are pretty cheap, well the trunk and bumper, but there’s so many pieces that go with it. It looks like Legos on the diagram

Somewhere around here we have an old body shop manager, but I think you have to figure $1000 for the paint work alone. Then the trunk and bumper and hinges and parts. If that trunk opening has to be straightened-more labor. Then unknown if the 1/4 panel has to be pulled back in place to fit the trunk, etc. etc. If it were my car, I’d probably start with trying to fit the new trunk in place first, then the bumper. Point is you’d never be able to even do it yourself for close to the $2000 so might as well just have it done. I’d sure want to get the trunk (new trunk) to close anyway in case of rain, and the rest could wait.

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Replacing the trunk lid won’t result in a “new trunk”, the rear panel and trunk floor are crushed.

The trunk floor will need to be replaced, this collision repair will cost a lot more than $2000.


Still don’t understand why the other persons insurance is not taking care of this . Is this a second accident by someone without insurance ?

The person was drunk, no license or insurance.

The OP already explained the party that hit him did nothave insurance and he has a 2000 deductible. The OP should get their car fixed even if they have to put the @2000 on a credit card. Find out if the guy that hit them has a job or assets and go after them in small claims court.


Possible but nothing was said about the trunk floor. All he said was “the left side panel thats lifting up a little”. Don’t know what that means but assumed the 1/4 panel and resulting trunk seal needs some work. Like I said though, no way you could do it for $2000 even doing it all yourself.

OK , a year ago Derek was rear ended by a Drunk with no insurance . And now the replacement vehicle has been rear ended by someone else with no insurance ? Good Greif .

He never said the drunk that hit him a year earlier did not have insurance. It was the one that hit him this year that did not have insurance. The part I don’t understand is raising your deductible to 2000 to get a “normal” deductible. Gettin rear ended by a drunk should not raise your rates.