I got rear ended in my new car. Is there a good website that gives auto body repair estimates?

He said normal payment not deductible.

Do what your insurer is asking. You’re not bound to accept their offer. After they see pics, they are likely to agree with Nevada’s assessment and send you to a body shop for full assessment. The bent up trunk pan is visible in second pic.

In parallel, no downside to getting a separate estimate. I would even just for sanity check on your insurance estimate once that comes in.

Trust me, there’s way more damage than you were hoping for in your assessment and description above.

You rolled the dice w/high deductible and came up on bad side this time. You can’t really drive it like this, water is going to turn to mold quickly. You gotta figure out where to scratch up the deductible…

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I’ll take your word for it but I don’t see a bent floor pan. I see a buckled plastic bumper on the right side where it fastens to the 1/4 panel. No matter. Needs a pro estimate before anything.

The trunk lid is pushed forward 4" and we do not see the trunk latch striker, the trunk lid appears to be still latched. We can see the rear lamp wiring harness pinned to the rear panel (this should be concealed by the bumper cover).

That repair is going to cost way, way more than 2 grand and it’s safe to say there is floor pan damage under the rear.
As mentioned, your best bet at this point is to come up with 2 grand and have your insurance fix it. Extra job, borrow the money, whatever.

Body shops do not charge for estimates and the best thing is to have them look it over; especially inside and underneath the trunk. It’s the unseen things that turn out to be the biggest headaches.

In case the OP hadn’t thought about it, the damage to the trunk lid means that rain is getting into the trunk. It is only a matter of time before this results in mold/mildew growth which could affect his health, and over time this WILL cause the trunk floor pan to rust.

I appreciate all the responses. As of now no water has made its way inside. I used duct tape, pieces of tarp, and that foam you use for your window AC unit lol. If the world doesn’t close up again ill be able to make the money soon, I was just curious what people thought about the damage. The frame seems to be okay, the truck was pushed into my trunk and since I saw it coming I hit the gas as it was happening. Last year the kid hit my Jeep and threw me into the car in front of me, so that plus the lawsuit and the payouts so far were the only answer I got to the huge spike in monthly payments.

A good body-man or insurance adjuster won’t give you an estimate over the net.

In NY State you must report motor vehicle accidents with over $1,000 in damage (which you certainly exceed) within 10 days. Regardless if you make an insurance claim, your insurance company WILL pick this up on your MVR at your next renewal. Below is from the NYS DMV website. If the accident happened more than 10 days ago and you haven’t reported it, then you can get in big trouble. If a policeman of any sort filed an accident report, then NYS will be all over you. Your best bet is to file the MV104, as required, and make an insurance claim. Your damage is well over $2,000.

“If the property damage of any person is $1,000 or more , all the involved drivers are required by the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law to file a Report of Motor Vehicle Accident (PDF) (MV-104). File form MV-104 with the DMV no more than 10 days after the accident. The DMV can suspend your driver license if you fail to report an accident.”

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There is really not a frame on this car. It’s a Monocoque body; which means the floor pan and so on IS the frame although there will be a front and rear subframe of sorts attached to it.
When a monocoque body gets hit impact forces are transferred on up the chain so to speak. Many times when digging in depth those faults will become apparent.

Some years ago my son hit a Crown Vic while in his Camaro. At fault was the Ford. When looking at his car the only way a collision could even be determined was the canted right front wheel. After getting it home and after I started digging I found that the car was essentially a total wreck. Floor pan, firewall, subframe, you name it.

A pro body man bought the car with intentions of fixing it anyway and after a week or so threw in the towel and sold it for parts. And to look at the car from head on or the left side you would never even know that it had been hit. Even the headlights were not busted or the plastic front fascia.

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May not help much, but you can try to to take that person to court and recover some or even all of your costs. That’s if he/she is not broke,


I got in an accident with a guy that had no insurance and had to pay my $500 deductible, got it back 2 years later hen he finished paying off the debt, yeah I do not get it either. I would think uninsured motorist would cover it, not sure if I had it at the time 25 years ago at least.

Something just occurred to me. You should check your policy for uninsured motorist coverage. It is mandatory in some states so even if you have bare bones policy you may have this coverage. That would pay your deductible because you were hit by uninsured driver…

Here’s example: https://www.allstate.com/tr/car-insurance/uninsured-motorist-coverage.aspx

In many states where this coverage is available, it works in conjunction with collision coverage — uninsured motorist property damage coverage often reimburses customers the cost of their collision deductible.

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Did you report the driver/accident to police or leave out that detail . Unisured coverage is cheap and applies.

Life’s best lessons are expensive ones. If $2000 is a lot of money lower that deductible my friend.

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Sorry Barky didn’t see your post before posting. Looks like we had same thought…probably something you have to ask about, esp if online v personal agent.

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I appreciate the responses. I still have to cover the deductible even though I have the uninsured motorist coverage. I got the trunk open and saw the frame IS bent in. Its right in the middle where the latch is, ill include a pic. Idk if that means there’s a chance it would be totalled?? Lmk what you think

The only opinion that matters is the insurance adjuster . Have you not informed your insurance ? Don’t waste time , just get things moving .

And give serious thought about having 2000.00 deductible from now on.

It’s been 10+ days since the accident, you still haven’t taken it in for an estimate ?

I’m not sure what the point is anymore. Yes get an estimate and the professional will tell you what is involved. Unless you have some proficiency in jacking, pulling, straightening, and fitting, you won’t be doing this by yourself.

Yes that rear brace needs to be jacked or pulled back in place. It looks like that left trunk lip is also badly bent in that will have to be re-formed. Then there is the question of the floor pan itself being rippled which we can’t see. Then whatever that rubber sticking up in the back is and what’s causing it? Of course then a new trunk, hinges, bumper cover and maybe the reinforcing bar, and trying to align the trunk to latch again. So you either pay $2000 and have it fixed unless they buy it from you, or you bungee cord the trunk shut and wait for the rear end to rust off. Even with the repair at least one here would not ride in it because the crumple zone has been compromised.

Like they say, if you have to ask how much the boat is, you can’t afford it. If you have to ask how bad it is, you need to hire it and pay the fee. Life is frustrating, but what’s the alternative?

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