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I finally caved in, and my feet have never felt so snug! Ugg Boots

I was still put off by the price tag. For the type of uggs I would want, they cost a whopping ?150, so I was going to buy a cheaper version except I never got around to it. A few weeks ago however I was going to New York, and over there you can get Ugg boots for considerably cheaper. In fact the very same ugg boots that cost ?150 over here, cost around ?95 over there depending on the current currency conversion rate, and with that price my mind was made up.

I’ve heard everywhere that you should always get a size below your usually foot size in Uggs, and also Uggs only run in half sizes. I’m a size 5 so I knew this meant having to get a size 4.5. I bought my Uggs from Bloomingdales and I was advised the same thing in there, to get the size 4.5. There are many different styles of Ugg boots now aside from the famous classic versions, including ones with huge buttons on which I absolutely hate due to my phobia of plastic buttons (I do have the world’s strangest phobia, I know!) and they come in all sorts of colours. I originally wanted the chocolate shade however they had sold out and so I opted for my second favourite shade of grey, and a friendly American woman trying on every pair of Uggs in the shop next to me kindly informed me that greay is ‘so in this season, and it goes with everything’ so I was reassured I would blend in with the fashion world…

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