I don't know what this noise is and it's making me crazy!?

I have a 05 Toyota Tacoma with 109,000 miles on it. I replaced my original tire with a set of B/F Goodrich tires that were the same size as the originals in the summer of 08.However I did not get an alignment when replacing my tires. Then after about 10,000 miles of use I had the tires balanced and rotated this time with an alignment. It seems after that there has been a tremendous amount of road noise. No only that but, there is also a pulsating noise a whu whu whu whu whu whu that speeds up when the truck does and slows as the truck slows. I thought at the time that because I did not get an alignment when I first replaced the tires that they wore unevenly then rotating the back to the front and front to the back with an alignment caused all this noise. I thought that it would go away once iI drove enough to wear the tires back even. Well, it did not work and today I bought new tires even though the old ones had lots of tread and the noise is still there. One last thing is that the trucks noise goes away when I turn the steering wheel ever so slightly to the right like say changing lanes or going around a slight curve in the road. Any ideas?

Confused and frustrated in Oklahoma

Front wheel bearings. Same thing happened to my 2000 Blazer. I had new tires put on it and the noise started. Eventually couldn’t stand the noise and replaced the tires, but the noise was still there. I noticed the noise would decrease when the steering wheel was turned off-center.

I told my mechanic about the noise when the truck was in for an oil change. He confirmed it was the wheel bearings. Both sides were replaced at ~65k miles, the truck has 109k miles and the noise has not reappeared.

Ed B.