I can't determine a solution, help?

I have a 2003 Ford taurus. About 8 months ago I was driving it, and the inside functions(ac, light, etc) started to go out, and the car ended up shutting down. I changed the fuel pump, and fuel filter, and it started working again. It developed a miss so I changed the plugs(I put a coil pack on about 3 months prior to the initial shut down). I it still had a miss but, it was shutting down on idle. It’s dohc so you have to pull the intake to change plugs. I quit driving it for a bit, and I recently put plug wires, and more plugs on it. Now it’s smoking on start up, and sometimes at random. Drives kind of bogged down until I hit around 60. the smoke almost smells like burned galvanize. Side note: the car had sat for a couple of months, and a small problem is you have to pump the breaks 2-3 times before they actually work Everytime you use them. Bleed em out from the car sitting?

Why would you replace the fuel pump if the inside lights were going out? There is no connection there.
You had a miss? What error code did you read to get you to change plugs?
Is the check engine light on now? What are the codes? If you can’t read them, get then read at a local car parts store.

As for smoke, you likely have an oil leak internally or externally. Start searching for externally first, near the exhaust manifolds.

What is the mileage on this car?

If the car sat for a couple of months and magically got air in the brake system, you have a problem that needs fixing. I’d start by bleeding the brakes. At least that will get you under the car so you can see if or where there is a leak. If its not leaking, your master may have failed.

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Have you waved a dead chicken over it?

The brake power booster may be malfunctioning and sucking brake fluid into the intake manifold. If the smoke is coming out the tailpipe, check that the power booster holds vacuum to 20 inches. Also check the brake fluid level.