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Help my car keeps dying on me!

I have an 06 Ford Taurus that seizes up and just dies on me. Today it was while making a right hand turn. I have had both the battery and the alternator replaced this year. It started back up and I took it to a service station that said the computer diagnostic did not indicate any problems whatsoever. Any ideas??

Fuel pump comes to mind, how is everything else as far as maintenance recommended in the manual?

So funny you should say that about the fuel pump! I just talked to my mother-in-law who also has a taurus and she said hers wouldn’t start occasionally and it was the fuel pump! Thanks so much for the advice. I will take it back in and see how much it would cost to just replace it…I have been keeping up with the maintenance, the only thing I haven’t done is flush the radiator which I know I need to have taken care of and change the transmission fluid?

Before you replace the fuel pump, have the fuel pressure checked. Don’t throw parts at the car, do some diagnostic tests.

A new fuel filter may also help, and will be MUCH less expensive than a fuel pump.