Hyundai Won't Honor Their Warranty on Theta II Engine


I just had first hand experience with this issue. I have a 2011 Santa Fe that I bought brand new, currently has 153,000 miles. I brought it to the dealer because there was a tapping sound coming from the engine. My vehicle wasn’t included in the recall but my dealer went to bat for me and got Hyundai to replace the engine at no cost and they paid for a rental car for the 5 weeks it was at the dealer. Being way past the warranty they probably could have told me to take a hike but they didn’t. I changed the oil every 7,500 miles with synthetic oil without fail. The dealer told me that had to send photos to Hyundai, so I assume that they were looking for sludge. Anyway, all’s well that ends well for me. The Center for Auto Safety finally got their request approved for the NHTSA to begin an official investigation which could result in a recall for every vehicle with a Theta II engine.

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well, lucky you!

at first, once I read to the part that car had 153K miles, I thought the end of the story will be quite sad