2018 Hyundai Sonata - Worried about engine failure

Concerned about engine failing and needing replacement at 80,000 miles.

Good thing the warranty is for 100,000 then.


OK , Ray. I doubt if you have 80000 miles on a 2018 but if you maintain any vehicle by the service schedule your chance of long service is good. And if you can’t sleep because you worry about things like this do like one of the regulars here. He trades every three years so he always has a vehicle with factory warranty.


I presume you’re concerned about future engine failure. As @VOLVO-V70 said, your best preventative is proper maintenance. Unfortunately, if you bought the car used @It_s_Me is incorrect and the powertrain warranty is only 5yrs./60k. Drive the car sensibly, maintain it well, and try not to worry too much.

There are two fears in life:1) fear of the known; 2)fear of the unknown. You can handle #1 by keeping up the maintenance on your Hyundai. This should alleviate some of your worry. For fear #2, worrying won’t help.because there is nothing you can do about it. If your Hyundai engine is going to turn in its resignation tomorrow, you can’t stop it from doing this.
I think the chances are very good that your engine won’t fail. If the engine was going to fail, it probably would have done so by now.


Can you explain how you came to the conclusion that its engine is likely to fail at 80k miles?

If you maintain an oil change regimen with the severe service schedule and most importantly, if you check the motor oil level on a regular basis then the odds of an engine failure at 80k miles is about as close to zero as it can get IMO. Calm down; you will be fine.

My assumption is that your fear is based on reading internet complaints. You should keep in mind that the vast majority of complaints should be taken with a grain, or wagonload, of salt. Very seldom does anyone provide a full story about their failure and in most cases they do not want to because the finger actually points towards themselves as the guilty party behind that failure.

As a shop foreman I got involved a number of times with complaints to corporate over engine failures and not one time did the complainee ever provide a truthful story to the corporate offices. Not once. They always hedged a few facts. Yes, I’m a bit cynical due to this and Diogenes is still looking…

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Hyundai service campaign T3G is for replacing knocking 2.0 L turbo and 2.4 L GDI engines in 2011-2019 Sonatas.

The warranty on these failing Theta engines has been extended to 10 years/120,000 miles for original and subsequent owners.


I bet they bought an off lease car with 80k miles

This car has the Theta II GDI engine which is know for burning oil and Hyundai has extended the warranty on them. At this point, based on the latest, I believe the warranty is lifetime. Applies to the 1st and 2nd owners. Not sure about the 3rd on. You have to keep your oil change receipts and keep topping off the oil. If you burn more than 1 qt per 1000 miles, you will go for an oil consumption test and more likely than not will get a new engine. On the Hyundai forums, there are a few who have gotten new engines past 200K miles which sounds good to me.

We have a 2013 with the same engine at 107K miles and diligently maintained. Right now burning around 0.75 qt per 1 K miles. So watching it closely.

Dale Carnegie said to think about what the worst thing that could happen and then try to improve on that. Once you identify the absolute bottom, anything you can do to make it better will be an improvement. So if they extended the warranty great. Keep up maintenance, etc. A guy at work had his engine replaced. Not sure what the mileage was but was just a few years old. Now my Olds got 240K, Buick 120K, another Buick 350K, another Buick 520K, and my Pontiac has 150K. So 80K is brand new but these were GM.

This is the worst thing that could happen


That makes any day above ground an improvement . . .


@bing Usually, if a product has a manufacturing defect, it will show up not long after the product is put into service. There is a statistical distribution, the negative exponential distribution, that models this phenomenon.
I bought a new refrigerator that failed in the first week. The appliance store immediately replaced it. My dad had a colleague that bought a new Oldsmobile 98 in 1951. The engine seized up two days after he bought the car.
Back in the old days, 80,000 was high mileage. My dad bought a new Chevrolet in 1939. He had the engine overhauled at 70,000 miles right after WWII. That was considered quite a few miles to put in an engine without having the head or pan removed. He also had the car repainted. Seven years was about the time a car needed a paint job.

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They say 3/4 of things that you worry about, never happen, BUT 3/4 you never thought about the other 3/4 things that do go wrong in your life. At the end, you are doing the right amount of worrying, just about the wrong stuff.

In this case (and in case of our Sonata), the CV axle and the radiator went out before anything happening to the engine.

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