Hyundai Warranty - 55,000 miles on car 2003 Santa Fe



I bought a used Hyundai for the 100,000 mile warranty and found out it was good for 60,000 miles. Last month my AC went out and I had it recharged, but it leaked. I took it to the dealer as soon as I had time and found out the warranty expired 2 days ago, since the original owner bought the car on 6/11/03. Since I had school all day Wednesday, I booked the appointment for Friday. The dealer tells me that it will cost $1,200 to replace the ($123) evaporator core and hose. I’d like to challenge the warranty coverage, since the AC went out a month ago. Any tips?


First, ask the dealer to discuss this issue with the Hyundai district manager. If that doesn’t work, read about how to dispute a warranty claim refusal. Check your owner’s manual for that info. You may be entitled to arbitration of the dispute.

If none of this works, get an estimate from an independent air conditioning specialist shop. It will likely be less than the one quoted you by the dealer.


You booked it on Wednesday. That was in time. I would bring that up to the manager and see what happens. I am not sure you can win this one unless they will or must accept that date you make the appointment on. Warranties have to end sometime and that sometime does not include a few extra days.


My GM dealer would go by when you booked your appointment. About your evaporator leak are you sure you mean evaporator and not condensor. How did they determine evaporator leak? Most likely they will say they sniffed it through one of the vents or got the electronic sniffer in the evaporator housing some how. Now evaporator leaks do happen IMHO they are rare and the leaks are small.If it was my car and I was paying for it (warranty denied) I would insist UV leak detect dye be added and when that evaporator came out I would personally scan the evaporator with the UV light while wearing the special lens. Be aware they could put dye on the evaporator after they had it out,trying to trick you. I dont know how to deal with this potential other than being there when they took it out. If there is a leak at the evaporator the dye will stand out unmistakeably. I would expect to see the leak at a solder joint or a pierced tube.My point is evaporator leaks are rare hard to detect. I would want to see exactly where the leak is


2nd owner has ,NO’s null and the fine print.

recommend you buy a new Hyundai next time.


Hyundai warranties are not transferable? Whats the idea here?


nope and I dont do warranty claims.

the reason is JR,(the kid beat the h-e## out of the car)then you buy it .

why should they be liable for PAST damage?


When the warranty period is up it’s up. Anything they may grant you after that is a gift from heaven.
I’m not familiar with Hyundai warranty but a statement on the Hyundai site about A/C refrigerant charge says 1 year/unlimited miles.

Since some refrigerant loss is to be expected on a 6 year old car and could be considered normal, I seriously doubt that Hyundai will go in after the fact and cover this; and especially since you had someone else dinking with it beforehand.
If you thought the car A/C problem was a warrantable one then why did you not take it to the dealer in the first place?

All new car prices have an amount budgeted for warranty repairs and you can safely bet that the amount on a Hyundai is very low; probably in the low 3 figures.
Good luck, but I think you’re toast on this issue.