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About a year ago, I tried to top off the tank of my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe. Since that time, the car has been sputtering as soon as a fill up. It doesn’t sputter at other times. I have heard that I may have damaged my evaporation system. I have taken it to quite a few mechanics who tried to work on the evap system, but they could not solve the problem. Is there a simple and easy way to fix this??
Please let me know.


What did the mechanics replace? Did they replace the charcoal canister?

Have you tried taking it to a dealer? They should know how to fix it.

I think they tried to flush the system…
How expensive should this be??

How expensive? Depends on what needs to be replaced. Your first priority should be finding someone who knows how the Santa Fe evap system works. The mechanics you’ve tried apparently don’t.

Sounds like you’re trying to save money by avoiding the dealer. Normally I would agree…but now you’re wasting money on cheaper mechanics who don’t know the system.

Want it done right? Take it to a dealer.

Thanks! I just feel like I get ripped off every time I go to the dealer!

Yes, I can sympathize. I avoid dealers whenever possible, but sometimes you need their expertise.

Another option is to find a good independent Hyundai mechanic who was a dealer tech and is now on his own…but probably hard to find one.

Thanks–i’ll look into it!