Hyundai tiburon

hello i really need help! my 2001 Hyundai tiburon was driving great and out of no where i lost all function in my transmission. the motor revs but theres no movement. i had it towed home let it sit for 2 weeks when the weather got warmer i tried it again and once i started it i had all gears D R 2 1 and then after a minute i had nothing no DRIVE no REVERSE no nothing every gear is neutral we had the car jacked up while it was running had someone under the car to make sure the flywheel and bell housing was all spinning but there is no gears i just replaced the motor and the transmission has low miles and well maintenance so i don’t know how this happened out of no where after driving fine for about a week when the car is in park while running for about 2-5 minutes when you put it into gear all gears will work for about a minute and then all of a sudden everything is neutral again. we have checked the shift linkage.

Is the Check Engine light on?


yes but just one code was related to that which was 3rd gear misfire or something with 3rd gear. the others were related to other problem like i had one for thottle body air sensor that was no good and exhaust

@manda1591 can you define “just replace the motor” please?

Check if you have sufficient transmission fluid.

Does the fluid smell burnt?

Are you due/overdue for a transmission service?

Any noises?

just purchased motor from junkyard and had it put into the vehicle which is why it was only driven a week before the transmission problem.
transmission fluid was check a little low put fluid into it(my dad didn’t listen and didn"t flush out the old fluid)
no burnt scent
and there was only a faint noise but when my husband flushed out the radiator with water the noise was gone and then when we stopped flushing it the noise came back

You need to get the exact codes from the computer for the the third gear code that was set. This will be a P0700 code or higher.


P0136 02 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank I Sensor 2)
P0134 02 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank I Sensor 1)
P0733 Gear 3 Incorrect ratio
P1624 Cooling Fan Circuit low

these are the exact codes i got and what they are


Sensor/Solenoid Malfunction.

Connector/Wiring Malfunction

Powertrain Control Module Malfunction.

Transmission Mechanical Malfunction.


i dont know really anything mechanically wrong with a car and i already put 700 into the motor and i dont want to have to get a transmission can this be something thats stupid? my brother and husband put the motor in themselves and are not mechanics so i dont know if maybe they didnt tighten something or didnt line something up right because i the car was fine for 2 days then the car started acting funny called my mechanic he said they had to tighten the bolts because it takes a few days for the motor to sit in the right place then after they did that the car was fine for another 3 days then the transmission problem. it doesnt seem like the transmission completely went because it comes and goes normally it would go and thats it and not all at once(DR21) so im not sure what i should do or where to start

I would have someone check all the wiring and connections. Removing an engine/transaxle from a vehicle requires that everything gets plugged back in correctly once the engine is installed. And that includes that all ground connections be reconnected.

One thing that can cause this code is, “Connector/Wiring Malfunction”.


well that’s what happened the first time the car broke down and we had the mechanic double check that the wiring and connections were plugged in exactly where they were supposed to be and it was fine now the only problem i have is not having any movement with the vehicle it comes and goes but not for long and so far all i was told is it could be the transmission pan might be dented, the torque converter is no good or the transmission isnt flowing properly(like the hoses are clogged or something)

Now that i take another look at what i’ve said i just want to be 100% clear:

2001 hyundai tiburon/automatic/100,000/2.0 4 cylinder

i bought the car with the assumption that it needed a new head gasket.i was able to drive the car home no problem didnt over heat anything(only a 10 min drive to my house from where purchased). i had the car sitting for probably 6-8 months even though i started it every other day, saving up money to reg/insure the vehicle. when i finally took it for a drive i let the car run for about 30 mins before i even left the drive way (this time only driving for 5 mins) the car instantly over heated i didnt notice it was over heating til i turned on the heat and no heat was coming out. a family mechanic said it was likely the timing belt and water pump. i went to have that fixed to find out when they removed the water pump and timing belt oil came pouring out of the engine. we decided that the head gasket problem was a lot worse then we thought. turns out it was a crack in the engine block. i purchased a used motor from a junkyard and had it installed. i was finally able to drive the car for 2 days when the car started to act up. it sat for 3 days and my mechanic said that the bolts and stuff came loose because the motor had to take a few days of driving around to set into place. after the bolts were tightened and all the wires and connections were double checked the car ran great for 3 days. now i have run into the problem where theres no movement with the car. the rmps move like they are supposed to but when i put the car in reverse or drive the car acts like its in neutral. it tends to come and go where i have drive and reverse for 2 minutes and then back to nothing.

everything else is already listed in the other comments.