2000 Tiburon Hyundai engine shakes

So a month ago my car begin to shake when I turn right in a stop sign and when I accelerate the engine keep doing the shake thing, At first a mechanic friend and I think about a transmission problem, since we check the cv joints and all about brakes and every engine problem, including fans. Later I spent money with someone who basically repair the transmission, we assemble it a couple of hours ago, the car just work perfectly for a 2 or 3 minutes and when I slowly turn right the shaking violent problem backs. Sadly and a little desperate I search for similar problems on blogs and I found a lot of histories about almost the same.
So, I’m not an expert, but the engine is perfect (maybe the time chain is the only thing that I or my friend didn’t check), transmission, all bout brakes and suspension too.
Oh, btw… like a couple of weeks before the shaking problem my car has a little alignment problem, like for years, so I repair the problem (not me, a mechanic) and later, I repeat, a couple of weeks this happen.
Any chance that maybe the problem are the time chain, anything bout the axles or something around the area?
Thanks for your time.

Is your Tiburon AWD or 4WD? Or just 2WD, FWD? The reason I ask is b/c it sort of seems like a transfer case/center differential/viscous coupler problem.

FWD kind. Any advise?

More information please…

Are you sure it’s the engine shaking and not the suspension?
If so is it an I4 or V6 and have you checked the motor mounts and injectors?

I could be wrong but one or both front wheel bearing could be on its way out. After xxx miles, the wheel could have developed lateral play and start to wobble. They usually make a grinding,howling noise when they start to go bad.

It is a I4 and no, the suspension is just great, the engine in fact is correctly assemble.

And so… a little more than 100k miles.

Any engine or transmission diagnostic codes? Is the check engine light on?

No, all stats light are off. I’m waiting a couple of days for my friend to check my car.

Your Tiburon has a timing belt, not a chain, that should be changed every 60K miles so I’d start there.

While you’re doing that, take a close look at all the seals, which should be changed when the belt is changed and since you also have to remove the engine mount, check that too.

Also, you said you had the transmission rebuilt but didn’t say if you have an automatic or stick.
If it’s a stick, you should be aware that clutch problems with the Tibby are hardly unknown and if the problem only occurs when you’re clutching I’d revisit that. .

So for those who try to help and give me ideas I thank you a lot. I’m a rookie in this world so thanks for all.
About all my problems with my car, it seams to be the transmission (again). We check all about suspension, engine, breaks, etc. and looks fine, but when we try to (and read carefully) to put in Parking or Reverse, the lock system do not response; ok, how can I explain this… The car did not stop in parking (oh, it’s automatic transmission), with the engine off the car did not stop, we manually move the car, engine off, parking and guess what, the engine and transmission did a little jump, that little lock in parking mode didn’t work!
Anyway… Now we know the problem (hopefully just that) and I really appreciate all of you guys. Sorry if I’m not to good in all of this and sorry for taking your time in this mess.
So later guys, thanks for your help, have a nice summer and I see you around here. :slight_smile: Take care.

You mean the parking pawl is broken? When parking your vehicle, SET THE E-BRAKE BEFORE SHIFTING INTO PARK, especially when parking on an incline. This way, the weight of the vehicle is held by the e-brake rather than the parking pawl. Following this tip will eliminate the parking pawl from becoming lodged and subsequently causing your shifter lever to lock in Park.

Hey guys!
Good news, my car is on the road again :slight_smile:
Yep, the problem was the transmission, sadly the other guy who “try to fix” my old one do NOTHING.
Anyway, have a good night and thanks for all.

Glad you got your Tiburon fixed and safely on the road again. Best of luck.