Tiburon transmission problems

Hey guys I have a 2008 tiburon gt and am having transmission problems and I’m debating on weather or not I should just drop it off to the shop and have to rebuild it or if I should flush and replace the filter and hope that works for the long run or at all…when the transmission is cold it will go into reverse neutral and park but when you go to put it into drive it does nothing…the display on the dash even stays blank bt if you rock the shifter a bit sometimes alot it will go into gear. Once in gear when you go to take off you have to feather the throttle to get it to move again…the car also has “bump shift” and even trying to use that it still won’t go into gear you have to get it to show up drive before the bumpshift will work. The car is an 2.7 automatic and the problem just cam out of no where…also notice a couple spots of trans fluid once or twice but not recently thanks for the help

I think it would be worth it to have a shop investigate if there’s anything simple going on, like low fluid level. Or they might discover something big wrong, like coolant is getting into the transmission. A routine transmission diagnostic would cost around $100 to $200 probably. Either way, if they discovered something you’d know what to do as the next step. If they can’t find anything obviously wrong, suggest to have a proper service as you suggested above as the next step. It’s possible that will fix it. Once you get a trained shop involved, they might be aware of common problems that particular transmission design has from their own experience, so they’d be able to recommend tests and fixes which could save you some $$$. Worse case you’ll need a complete rebuild, but not necessarily. Best to take it step by step.

This sounds more like a problem with the linkage, or switches, that tell the transmission what mode to be in. A fluid change is a good idea. I think the problem might be in the shifter head unit. Problems like this one seem rare, so it might be best to have a Subaru dealer look into this issue.

I would avoid flushing the transmission. A pan drop with a filter and fluid change is your best bet.

It’s just bothers me that it came out of no where but thanks for the advise

Automatics working one day and not the next isn’t uncommon. There a pump inside the tranny that pressurizes the fluid, and that pressurized fluid is what does the work of switching gears. As parts wear internal leaks in the fluid paths ensue so the pump has to work harder to maintain the needed pressure. The car designers anticipated that so it has some reserve built in. Eventually though the pump can no longer build up the needed pressure, then symptoms like this will start, and it can go from works fine to slipping quickly.

Likewise it’s not uncommon that someone will take their car in to have the transmission looked at b/c it seems to be slipping a little, and when the car is returned after a routine servicing the transmission is working worse than before. That’s usually not caused by the servicing, but just that the transmission is failing and it decided that day to get worse.

Yea that’s why I was wondering about doin the flush alot of people I’ve talked to says its a bad idea…when. I change the fluid beside the obvious burnt smell and or metal shaving anything else to look for…I hate transmission and don’t really know alot about them

Does this car have a dipstick for the fluid? it could be simply low on fluid due to a leak. You check the fluid in neutral or park with the engine running and the car driven until warmed up (about 7 miles).

Since you are removing it, take time to look for any metal parts laying in the bottom of the pan, like broken snap rings, etc. Good idea to sieve the fluid you remove to check for metal debris too. Make sure the inside of the pan is clean as possible before you put it back on. On some transmissions replacing the filter is a bit tricky. On my Ford C4 there’s a spring behind the filter that can bounce out and get lost if not careful. Good idea to read up on the service procedure method preferred by the manufacturer. Haynes, Chiltons, public library, or if they’re not busy at the time a dealership shop might be willing to print it out for you.

If your Tibby is the same as my 2002 Sonata changing the fluid is a simple drain & fill. No pan to drop & no filter to change.
The only place i was able to find the Hyundai fluid was at the Hyundai or Kia dealer.
IIRC the Sonata held 8 quarts, but a drain and fill was only 4 quarts. The first time I changed it I simply measured the amount that drained out & poured in the same.
The car had approx 160,000 miles when traded & thanks to the every 40 K fluid changes the trans never gave any problems at all.
If changing the fluid gives you no joy, find a good independant shop to rebuild it.
If you happen to live in Orange county CA. I can reccomend an XLNT shop.