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Hyundai tiburon electric problem

when i have my lights on my brake lights stay on all the time (brakes not engaged). also i noticed that my cruise control will not work unless i turn my light off. and one last clue is that when my lights are not turned on and i tap my brakes all the cars interior dash lights turn on. can anyone help me out? is this something i can fix by myself??

You most likely have an improperly installed or internally shorted tail light bulb or a failed ground on the tail light circuit.

is that an easy fix??

Not particularly difficult. Can you get the tail light housings out to inspect the wiring and remove the bulbs?

ALSO… Does the car have a trailer hitch? If so, the wiring for trailer lights would be the first place to look for your problem.

Chances are the brake and tail lights are combined into one blub. If this is so then most likely the filaments in one of the bulbs have crossed and are allowing power to run on the other circuit. That will disable the cruise control because it things the brake is depressed.