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94 honda accord. cruise does not work with lights on.

with lights off, dash lights dim and parking lamps come on when i engage brake.

The first thing I always check when I get wierd effects like this, is the battery terminal connections.

I think that there is a cross connection between the tail lamp circuit and the brake light circuit. The first clue is that the parking lights come on when you engage the brake. Second clue is that when the headlights are on, power is going to the brake light circuit. This in turn won’t allow the cruise control to engage because it is wired to disengage while you are braking. A defective dual filament bulbmay be causing the problem where one filament is touching the other. I would start by replacing the tail light bulbs.

Thank you very much sir Triedaq … it was indeed a defective duel filament bulb … problem solved !!!